Cranial Nerves Quiz

There are twelve Cranial Nerves. Each nerve is identified by a number and a name. Students are expected to know the name and the number of each cranial nerve. The following two quizzes allow students to practice associating names with numbers and numbers with names:

Associate cranial nerve names with their corresponding numbers.

Associate cranial nerve numbers with their corresponding names.

The following quiz allows you to practice identifying innervation targets of individual cranial nerves:

Associate cranial nerve numbers with their innervation targets.

Collectively, the twelve cranial nerves contain six fiber-types. Each fiber-type reflects an innervation category. Knowing what fiber-types a nerve conveys, provides categorical insight into what the nerve innervates and what nucleus (nuclei) contribute axons to the nerve. NOTE: If you know what a cranial nerve innervates, you should be able to deduce the associated fiber-type, e.g., Somatic Efferent innervates skeletal muscle; Visceral Efferent innervates smooth & cardiac muscle & gland; etc. The following quiz enable students to practice associating fiber-types with the cranial nerves that convey them.

Reveal fiber-types within a cranial nerve array.

View: Fiber-Type Explanation Pop-Up.

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