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Purpose: This web app is designed to encourage veterinary students to explore canine planar anatomy. For each of the above regions, a set of MRI, CT and Cadaver-Slab images is presented in random order. (The MRI & CT images were obtained by scanning latex injected, embalmed cadavers.)

Quiz Mode: Three terms and five target frames are shown per image. Students are expected to examine anatomical features within the image and, for each term, to identify the frame that overlaps that corresponding feature. Frames are selected either by dragging the term to the frame or by sequentially clicking/tapping first the term & then the frame.

Atlas Mode: Images can be viewed without frames, as in an Image Atlas. Associated labels per image can be toggled on/off in different ways. This mode facilitates identification of a number of features within each image.

Views: Transverse (Axial) Plane images are displayed in cranial view. Dorsal Plane images are displayed in ventral view. Sagittal Plane images are displayed in left lateral view.

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