Lab 25 - Image 1
cadaver image

An artist drawing of superficial nerves of the head. The facial nerve (1, yellow) is motor to muscles of facial expression. It supplies muscles of the mandibular region (2, ventral buccal n.), maxillary region (3, dorsal buccal n.), eyelids (4, palpebral n.) and ear (5, caudal & rostral auricular nn.). The facial n. is also sensory to the concave surface of the pinna via internal auricular nn. (6).

The trigeminal nerve (tan) is sensory to the face. Notice the auriculotemporal n. (7) to the temple region and the mental nn. (8) to the lower jaw. These arise from the mandibular division of the trigeminal n. The infraorbital n. (9) from the maxillary division supplies the upper lips and nose. Branches of the ophthalmic division (10) supply the region around the eye.

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