Embryology Highlights

Narrated synopses of veterinary developmental anatomy presented as streaming video clips.

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Early Embryogenesis Apppendix (Optional)
Review: Mitosis, Meiosis, Gametogenesis (20 min)

Early Embryogenesis I
Fertilization, Cleavage, Gastrulation, Notochord (19 min)

Early Embryogenesis 2
Neurulation, Somites, Cylindrical Body, Pharyngeal Arches (16 min)

Early Embryogenesis 3
Flexures, Cardiovascular System, Placenta & Fetal Membranes (12 min)

Musculoskeletal Devlopment 1
General Developmental Features (18 min)

Musculoskeletal Devlopment 2
Regional Developmental: Trunk, Limbs, Head (16 min)

Serous & Body Cavity Development
Simultaneous Formation of Body & Serous Cavities of the Trunk (16 min)

Respiratory System Development
Larynx - Trachea - Lungs (8 min)

Cardiovascular Development 1
In-Utero Cardivascular Adaptations (8 min)

Cardiovascular Development 2
Heart Development (19 min)

Cardiovascular Development 3
Artery Development (17 min)

Cardiovascular Development 4
Vein Development (10 min)

Digestive System Development
Foregut, Midgut, Hindgut Derivatives (12 min)

Urinary System Development
Kidneys and Lower Urinary Tract (12 min)

Genital System Development
Gonads and Internal/External Genitalia (17 min)

Head Development 1
Pharynx and Pharyngeal Arches (8 min)

Head Development 2
Face: Jaws, Nasal Cavity, Palates (9 min)

Head Development 3
Mouth, Teeth, Tongue, Glands (15 min)

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Note: Camtasia software was used to record these embryology highlight screencasts.

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Embryonic Development Highlights
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