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Diagnose Anatomical Location(s)
Using Probability Estimates

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About this web app:
This web app provides opportunities to exercise your neuroanatomy knowledge as you localize destructive lesions based on clinical signs, for a dozen clinical cases. Intended for veterinary students who have had or are studying neuroanatomy, the web app promotes a probability approach for diagnosing lesion location.

Clinical Cases. Although somewhat fabricated for didactic purposes, each of the dozen clinical cases is based on an actual case for which there is a definitive diagnosis. In every case, clinical signs are the result of destructive lesion(s), either a space occupying mass or tissue damage due to degeneration, infection, etc.

Diagnostic Process. Since you lack access to laboratory results, radiographic images, etc., your goal in these diagnostic exercises is not to discover an actual pathological diagnoses. Rather, you are challenged to identify the most probable lesion location(s) per case, exercising your neuroanatomy knowledge.

Clinical Neuroanatomy Guide. A Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neurological Syndromes Guide is available to you on-line, as you undertake these diagnostic exercises. Also, a Locate Neurological Lesions Guide web app for smart phones is available. (Exit links for both are listed above.)

Options Per Case. Via buttons, you may view: patient information (an image and neurological exam narrative); instructor entries (probability opinions of an experienced instructor); lesion location (the actual location(s) determined by necropsy or otherwise); next case (exit to this Home Page for a next case list or random case selection).