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About this web site:
This web site provides opportunities for you to exercise your neuroanatomy knowledge to locate destructive neurological lesions based solely on clinical signs, in a variety of clinical cases. A Guide for reviewing neuroanatomy knowledge and neurological syndromes is included. The web site is intended for veterinary students who have had or are studying neuroanatomy.

Clinical Cases. Although somewhat fabricated for didactic purposes, each of the clinical cases is based on an actual case for which there is a definitive diagnosis. In every case, clinical signs are the result of a destructive lesion(s), either a space occupying mass or tissue damage due to degeneration, infection, etc. Individual cases may be selected from a list or the computer can randomly make the case selection for you.

Diagnostic Process. Since you will lack access to laboratory results, radiographic images, etc., your goal in these diagnostic exercises are not to discover actual pathological diagnoses. Rather, your challenge is to identify the most probable damage location(s) per case. Exercising your neuroanatomy knowledge, employing a thorough, logical, deductive process, try to arrive at a damage location(s) that is most probable.

Neuroanatomy/Neurological Syndromes Guide. A look-up guide is provided in case you wish to review your knowledge of neuroanatomy and your recognition of clincial neurological syndromes produced by damage at various nervous system locations. A Guide for mobile device viewing is available at this URL:

Navigation Options Per Case. Via toggle/exit buttons, the following options are available for each case at any time: You may view patient information (an image or video and neurological exam results); instructor entries (probabilities and location(s) in the opinion of an instructor); lesion location (the actual lesion location determined by necrosy or otherwise); next case (exit to select a new case randomly or via list selection); home page (exit to this page).

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