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Puzzles. Students are invited to regard each MRI quiz as a puzzle to be solved. First, examine the MRI. Then, using the anatomical knowledge you obtained by cadaver dissection, interpret structural relationships evident in the planar MRI. Beginning with your most certain choices and continuing on with educated guesses, gradually solve the remaining identifications. Your challenge is to maximize your percent correct score as you complete the answers.

As shown above, click or tap the circle beside an anatomical term. When it turns red, you must click/tap a target circle on the image. When you are correct a red line will connect two red circles. When wrong, your percent correct score will decrease and you must choose again. (Previous successful choices are indicated by gray and black colors.)

Note: This web app features MRI proton density images obtained by scanning embalmed, arterial-venous latex injected, canine cadavers.

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