Canine Brain MRI Atlas

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About his web site:
Canine Brain MRI & Brain Tissue Atlas presents transverse views of a Beagle Brain obtained by Magnetic Resonance Imaging. To facilitate neuroanatomy identification, T2-weighted, T1-weighted, and Proton-Density MRIs are paired with stained tissue sections obtained from a different dog brain.

Canine Brain In Situ MRI Atlas presents transverse views of the Beagle head obtained by Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Brain components are labeled within T2-weighted, T1-weighted, and Proton-Density images.

Brain MRI Anatomy Self-Assessment presents animated interaction quizzes for students to practice identifying MRI structures per brain transverse level. Randomly arranged terms are matched to MRI structures by a sequential click/tap of a term and then an MRI target. A connected line appears when the choice is correct. Answers are available as labeled images. T2-weighted, T1-weighted, and Proton-Density MRI images are included.

MRI Image Interpretation: Generally speaking, areas of increased fluid (including cerebrospinal fluid, inflammatory lesions, neoplasias, cysts) will have a bright (hyperintense) signal on T2-weighted images and a dark (hypointense) signal on T1-weighted images. Vascular structures can appear either white or dark depending on a variety of factors, mainly due to rate & turbulence of vascular flow. In central nervous system imaging, Proton Density weighting is used to enhance the anatomical distinction between white and gray matter regions of the brain.

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