Canine Head MRI Atlases

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Canine Head MRI Atlases present views of a cadaver Beagle Head (Cranium) obtained by Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The three Atlases present images, respectively, in transverse, sagittal, and dorsal planes of view.

Click an above option to view a particular Atlas (or click Material & Methods for more information). Within an Atlas, navigation buttons are provided to cycle through the images. A toggle button is available to show/hide labels per image.

To offer two perspectives, a duplicate of each image was brigthtened and then stacked over the original darker image. Buttons allow you to switch between bright and dark images, and a slider enables you to fade between the two images.

MRI Image Interpretation: Generally speaking, areas of increased fluid (including cerebrospinal fluid, inflammatory lesions, neoplasias, cysts) will have a bright (hyperintense) signal on T2-weighted images. Vascular structures can appear either white or dark depending on a variety of factors, mainly due to rate & turbulence of vascular flow.

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