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Ventral Neck

Thoracic Limb - Extrinsic Muscles

Thoracic Limb - Intrinsic Muscles

Thoracic & Abdominal Wall Muscles

Pelvic Limb - Proximal Muscles

Pelvic Limb - Distal Muscles

Pelvic Diaphragm & Perineum

Epaxial Muscles

Instructions: Select one of the above muscle groups and view as many questions as you wish to self-assess your knowledge of muscle identification.

Each question consists of a randomly selected image with randomly assigned numerical labels and a randomly selected muscle that you are required to identify, by clicking a numerical label or its corresponding keyboard number key. A correct choice hides the incorrect labels and activates a NEXT button. Proceed to the next question by clicking either the NEXT button or the > key or the right arrow key.

NOTE: Revisiting this home page resets the Percent Correct field to 100% (its value is not saved). By using your browser's reload command, you can proceed to another question without having to make a correct choice.

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