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Spinal Cord Gross Anatomy

 Spinal cord with cervical and lumbosacral enlargementsin situ
 Gross anatomy of the spinal cord in situ
 Spinal cord exposed by laminectomy
 Spinal segments and spinal roots
 Sacral and caudal spinal roots (caudal equina)
 Locations of spinal segments within vertebral canal
 Spinal meninges
 Spinal cord blood supply

Spinal Cord Histology

 Surface landmarks and gray & white matter regions
 Spinal cord segment T-6 transected
 Neuron types and input axons found in spinal gray matter
 Neuron cell columns and nuclei in spinal gray matter
 Medial and lateral motor nuclei
 Spinal white matter consists of root and tract fibers
 Spinal white matter funiculi
 Cranial and caudal branches of dorsal root axons
 Axon organization within spinal tracts

Spinal Pathways

 Ascending and descending spinal pathways
 Primary afferent neurons
 Conscious vs. subconscious ascending pathways
 Touch and kinesthesia ascending pathways
 Spinothalamic ascending pain and temperature pathway
 Spinocervicothalamic ascending pain pathway
 Spinocerebellar ascending pathways
 Major descending pathways
 Tract locations in spinal white matter

Optional Online Resources . . .

Spinal Cord Anatomy
This web site presents gross anatomy, segment-vertebrae relationships, meninges, blood supply, histology of spinal gray and white matter, and spinal tracts.

Spinal Cord - Discussion Questions
This web site presents thoughtful questions related to the Spinal Cord. It is intended for group discussion.

Interactive Neuroanatomy Quiz
This web site enables students to self-evaluate their knowledge of basic neuroanatomy in an engaging interactive manner. It includes the spinal cord.

Pertinent Terms List . . .

Spinal Cord Terms (PDF file)

Questions for Class Discussion (suggestions):

What is the significance of spinal cord enlargements?

How would you define a spinal cord segment?

What is the functional difference between dorsal and ventral spinal roots?

What is the meaning of the term "cauda equina"?

List some significant segment-vertebra relationships?

Which gray matter nuclei contain cell bodies of efferent neurons?, of projection neurons?

What is a primary afferent neuron? (describe its features and function)

Discuss carnivore pain pathways.

What types of tracts are found in the dorsal funiculus?, lateral funiculus?, ventral funiculus?

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