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This web-site presents canine planar anatomy images. The head/neck, thorax, and abdomen/pelvis are shown in sagittal, transverse, and dorsal planes. To focus your attention on significant anatomical features, each image has ten structures labeled (some images include additional labels). After examining an unlabeled image, test your knowledge by identifying labeled structures. View "Site Navigation and Label Options Information" (top of page) for label display options.

At the right, from top to bottom, observe a sagittal section, a transverse section, and a dorsal plane section through a dog head. (The brain is evident in the center of each image.)

A sagittal section divides the cadaver into right & left parts. A transverse section divides the cadaver into cranial (rostral) & caudal parts. A dorsal plane section is cut parallel to the back, dividing the cadaver into top (dorsal) & bottom (ventral) parts.

The significance of planar anatomy has increased with the advent of planar imaging technology for clinical diagnoses (NMR, CT, and ultrasound). The images displayed in this web site were obtained in the process of authoring: Feeney D.A., Fletcher, T. F., and Hardy, R. M. 1991 Correlative Imaging Anatomy of the Normal Dog. Ultrasound and Computed Tomography. W.B. Saunders Co., Philadephia.

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