PNS Highlights

Synopses of the carnivore Peripheral Nervous System presented as video screencasts

Click to view a screencast narration:

PNS vs CNS Divisions
CNS & PNS Constituents; Definitions: Nerves, Roots & Ganglia (11 min)

Multipolar and Unipolar Neurons; Neurolemmocytes and Myelin Sheaths (12 min)

Spinal Nerves
Spinal Roots, Primary Branches, Cutaneous Nerves, Limb Plexuses (19 min)

Cranial Nerves
Six Nerve Fiber Types; Innervation Targets per Cranial Nerve (24 min)

Autonomic Nervous System
Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic Distinctions; Visceral Efferent Pathways (32 min)

Note: Camtasia software was used to record these screencasts.

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Peripheral Nervous System Highlights
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