Sheep Brain Atlas/Quiz

John Kubie, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, has created a Sheep Brain Atlas/Quiz that is cleverly done using Java applications. He has graciously made it freely available for educational purposes. The courseware must be downloaded and run on your computer.

To view a PDF file describing the Sheep Brain Atlas/Quiz, click here.

To view a QuickTime movie describing use of the Sheep Brain Atlas/Quiz, click here.

To download the courseware to your computer, copy the "sheepbrainA-Q folder" to your hard disk after clicking here.

The folder that you download will look like the image to the right. Select either the Mac or Windows application to execute the Atlas/Quiz.

Caution: this atlas has a primate perspective. In primates, especially humans, the ventral pons is voluminous and it overlaps the rostral portion of the domestic mammal medulla oblongata. This Sheep Brain Atlas identifies rostral myelencephalon as pons, rather than medulla oblongata.

To contact John Kubie by e-mail: