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To exploit the learning potential of mobile devices, we are in the process of converting existing web based computer courseware into mobile web apps. The conversion necessitates screen redesign and a new development platform (jQuery Mobile). Screen redesign is discussed in the context of particular courseware: Neurobiology Concepts Checker. A brief discussion of this process is available in either of two formats: as an eBook and/or as a PDF document:

To view the PDF document in your browser, click here: PDF document

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Note: Browsers generally display PDF files when they are requested. A displayed PDF file may be saved to your hard drive for future use.

The eBook (.ePub) file must be downloaded and then made available to your eBook/iBook reader. Depending on the browser, the ePub file may be immediately displayed (e.g., Firefox), following which it can be manually saved, or the browser may directly download the ePub file to the default location on your computer, where the reader can be directed to find it.