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Limb Dissection

Lab 1: Forelimb osteology, extrinsic forelimb muscles, left forelimb removal
Lab 2: Forelimb neurovascular dissection, brachial and antebrachial muscles
Lab 3: Distal forelimb osteology and dissection
Lab 4: Foot dissection, parts of the hoof, horn producing dermis
Lab 5: Pelvic osteology and syndesmology, left pelvic limb removal
Lab 6: Pelvic limb osteology, hip, thigh, stifle and crural dissection
Lab 7: Tarsal and metatarsal osteology, tarsal tendons dissection

Trunk Dissection

Lab 8: Cervical osteology and dissection
Lab 9: Thoracic osteology and external dissection
Lab 10: Internal thoracic dissection
Lab 11: Abdominal wall dissection
Lab 12: Optional rumen fistula lab
Lab 13: Equine abdominal viscera dissection
Lab 14: Ruminant, porcine and camelid viscera observation and dissection
Lab 15: Pelvic inlet and perineum dissection
Lab 16: Internal pelvic dissection
Lab 17: Genitalia study and dissection

Head Dissection

Lab 18: Study of skull, mandible and teeth
Lab 19: External head dissection
Lab 20: Midline head dissection