Veterinary Neuroanatomy
Courseware Recommendations

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A variety of Neurobiology Courseware descriptions are presented on the
Neuroanatomy Courseware
section of our
Minnesota Veterinary Anatomy Web Site.
The following courseware recommendations are pertinent in the context of students studying Neuroanatomy.

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These web sites complement the printed Lab Manual, providing color images and supplemental additional information:

Brain Transections.
Use Canine Brain Transections to study internal brain anatomy. Use Levels to locate sections rostro-caudally; use the Atlas component to identify internal brain structures.

Use Canine Brain Sections Tutor to self-study internal brain anatomy. Labeled structures and random-order terms are linked by color match. At any time, you may view: a preliminary vs advanced term-set, a glossary of term descriptions, the brain image only, or lines connecting all structures and terms. The web app includes a Quiz Mode.

Also, you may find it useful to view Canine Brain Atlas, which presents twelve transverse sections featuring labels that can be toggled on/off and a glossary/index.

Brain Gross Anatomy.
Use Brain Gross Anatomy to view labeled images of intact and dissected brains from a variety of perspectives. These images complement Brain Anatomy Introduction Lab.

Neurobiology Concepts (optional content).
Use Neurobiology Concepts Checker to self-assess your knowledge of neurobiology concepts throughout the course. A version of the courseware designed for smart phones is also available: mobile Neurobiology Concepts Checker.

The web site Spinal Cord - Discussion Questions presents questions related to the spinal cord, particularly for group discussion: Select a question at random and attempt to achieve a consensus answer; then, compare that answer to an instructor's answer.

Neurohistology (review content).
Use Neurohistology ATLAS to view images of neurons, glia, CNS, PNS, and meninges.

Additional material.
Use Embryology Highlights - Nervous System Development if you wish to hear narrated synopses of nervous system development.

Diagnose Neurological Lesion Location Exercises enables students to exercise their neuroanatomy knowledge to locate destructive neurological lesions (may be useful in preparing your Clinical Case Reports). The web site includes a Lesion Location Guide that presents neuroanatomy and clinical syndromes per neural region. A version of the Guide designed for smart phones is also available: mobile Lesion Location Guide