Courseware Recommendations
Veterinary Neurobiology Students

Note: A complete list of courseware content is presented within the
Veterinary Neurobiology Courseware
page of our
Minnesota Veterinary Anatomy Web Site.

The following courseware recommendations are pertinent in the context of
Minnesota students studying Veterinary Neurobiology (CVM 6901):

Review histological features of neuron, neuroglia, nerves, white/gray matter and meninges:

Spinal Cord
Spinal cord anatomy, vertebral/segement relationships, gray matter nuclei and spinal tracts:

Brain Anatomy - Dissections
Labeled images of intact and dissected brains, shown from a variety of perspectives:

Brain Components - Transections
Internal brain anatomy as seen in transections through the canine brain:

Cerebellum & Cranial Nerve nuclei/nerves:

Additional Content
Neuroanatomy Labs images, self-evaluation interactive quizzes, Neurobiology Concepts self-evaluation, Embryology screencasts:

Clinical-related content
Clinical neuroanatomy guides & exercises for locating lesions anatomically: